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Jul 02, 2019 • by Megan Thomson

Sizzling Summer Hair

Summer brings a wild vibe that makes us want to put the top down and let our locks dance in the breeze, whether we’re driving along the river or making our way to the Pacific shore. It’s a time to have fun, let go and take it a little easy. And all the while still look fantastic.

Wild Curls

Unleash the wild child inside and let your untamed natural curl have its day. Going native with your curls doesn’t mean crunchy kinks or an unruly backcombed look — remember 80s frizz? Keeping it modern is a must with fluff and shine.

To stave off summer heat and humidity, you need to hydrate both inside and out. Water will help your hair stay healthier since the hair shaft is comprised of about 25% water, so drink up. H2O is also great for your skin.

Fighting off frizz, especially in curly hair, doesn’t have to phase you. Paramount carries a wide array of products to add shape and definition to your curls without any of the crunch.

Untamed curls don’t have to mean unruly. Kérastase’s Discipline Curly Hair Set is specifically designed for wild curls. Oléo-Curl Hair Cream promotes relaxed, frizz-free curls with hydration and shine, and enhances curl shape and definition without rigidity.

Want to take your curls for a roller coaster ride? Try R&Co TWISTER Curl Primer, a lightweight primer that acts as a foundation for all your other styling products and smells amazing!

The Dream Girl

Prefer something more refined for your summer do? Smooth, silky, straight hair is always a favorite and perfect for the client that loves a sleek look and clean shapes. Best for those with fine hair texture, straight locks can be worn by all, but some may experience frizz while others are weighed down in the heat. Thanks to your Paramount hair stylist, you don’t have to fret about frizz or wonder about weighed down hair. We have the products to make the dream of straight, silky tresses a reality.

Ever feel like a star in your own reality show? With R&Co Television line of products, you’re always ready to make an entrance. It’s everything you need for the small screen: body, shine, strengthening, softening, and smoothing. The results — crazy good ratings.

Drying sun, chlorine and salt can wreak havoc on your hair in the summertime. Kérastase Après Soleil products deeply rehydrate hair, removing all the damage done by the elements, so you’re left with unbelievably smooth and shiny hair. Plus, it provides sun protection, like sunscreen for your hair.


Whether you’re in a hair rut or want to add some easy-peasy pizzazz for the summer, there are a plethora of hair accessories to choose from.

Add a sparkly barrette or two — big or small — to hold a quick bun or braids in place.

Want to can keep wisps out of your face or just add a little elegance on a hot day? Try crystal or pearl bobby pins. Need a more playful touch? Bobby pins in a variety of bright summer hues with and without florals amp up the cute factor to 10!

Slip on a headband for a full off-the-face or hint of bangs look. Whether it’s active you’re going for, a nod to retro chic or romantic, you can’t go wrong.

Remember to keep your accessories clean by hand-washing headbands and rinsing residue from barrettes to keep them in tip-top condition and kind to your hair.

And tighter isn’t better with headbands. A tight headband can bring about headaches and breakage along the hairline.

Hair Colour

Blonde hues
call during the summer months. But do you want your blonde to scream, talk, or whisper? There are many hues of blonde to choose from so a good question to ask is … What is your style intention?

Do you want to turn heads and feel a bit edgy with a bold iced-out change? Or are you OK blending in with more of a pedestrian blonde tone, something more buttery and safe? There’s no right or wrong, it solely depends on your personal style.

Though summer traditions may lean toward blonde and bright, brunette tones from inky black to coppery hues, turn just as many heads. Paramount colorists can help you choose the right shade for your skin tone and lifestyle.

We offer Goldwell’s array of hair color treatments and shades giving you endless possibilities to look and feel your best. Get inspired by Goldwell’s holistic color system, from high-performance permanent color to gentle tonings. There’s something for everyone.

Want this look?

These are some of our favorite summer trends. What’s yours? You can trust the experts at Paramount to give you a look you’ll love.

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Megan is the co-owner of Paramount Salon, is a heart-centered entrepreneur and the organizational soul of the salon.

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