What to Expect


Dedicated Parking

Before you even step in the door of the salon, we’re already taking care of you. That’s why we have six guest parking spots — marked Paramount — in the lot across the street.

Paramount Salon
NW 19th

A Warm Welcome

Expect a warm greeting as you come through the door, and take a tour of the salon on your first visit.

You’ll change into a gown that exposes your collarbone, neck and face shape, helping us create the best look for your features.

We’ll offer you a beverage and a magazine to start the relaxation process.

Your appointment will start on-time or even a few minutes early.


A Custom Plan

Each appointment begins with a thorough consultation.

We’ll discuss your likes and dislikes of your current style, and evaluate your body, face shape and symmetry.

We explain you maintenance process, including morning routine, how often you’ll need to come to the salon and what products you’ll need.

Your stylist will create a custom style plan just for you.


Your Unique Service

During the service, your stylist may ask you questions about your life and upcoming events to get a feel for how the style, cut or color will work for you,

An associate stylist may join in on your appointment, asking the stylist questions and gaining insight into the process. We encourage this as a way for them to refine their skill set.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

At the end of your appointment, the stylist will check in with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your look.

At checkout, you can set up your next appointment to guarantee that you get the best day and time for your schedule.

If it’s your first appointment or if you’ve made a big change in your look, we’ll check in with you in three days to see how you’re liking your look.