Kerastase K-water
Dec 30, 2019 • by Megan Thomson

Shine On with Kerastase K Water

Kerstase K Water gives your hair a ton of shine—without the weight—and instantly unveils smooth, reflective locks that will capture all the attention. This in-salon treatment is one of our favorites because it not only gives your hair more shine, but extra hydration to withstand the elements.

Using advanced lamellar technology, this deep care treatment instantly activates upon contact with water to smooth out each hair fiber for a flawless, glassy surface. It’s a quick and easy way to transform your hair and liven up your whole look.

Lamellar Technology

Unlike a conventional hair mask, with caring agents emulsified in a liquid cream, K Water’s lamellar solution is dissolved in a clear liquid that resurfaces your hair by smooth the cuticles, creating a weightless shine that heightens hair to its most radiant, glass-like state in a snap.

Found exclusively in Kerastase salons, this professional formula is a great add-on for your latest cut, color, or style and can be applied in just seconds. After shampooing, your stylist will apply K Water and rinse it off immediately. The water in the rinse activates the amazing patent-pending lamellar solution, smoothing your cuticles. Then just style as usual.

Ingredients You Can Trust

K Water isn’t just working wonders on the outside, it provides your hair with key beneficial ingredients to help it stay beautiful and strong —just like you.

The lamellar solution is suspended in a clear liquid that is a combination of glycol and caring agents. There’s no actual water in K Water, but when H2O is added, the lamellar solution is triggered to attach to the hair’s surface in layers to create a smooth finish. K Water also includes propylene glycol to help your hair absorb and retain moisture, and wheat protein to repair the flexibility and elasticity of damaged hair.

There’s no wax or silicone in this formula to weigh your hair down or give your hair a fake, plastic-like shine.

Come see us

Add a K Water treatment on your next visit to Paramount Salon, or book an appointment today for a quick pick-me-up and shine on!

Megan Thomson

Megan is the co-owner of Paramount Salon, is a heart-centered entrepreneur and the organizational soul of the salon.

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